Child Abuse More Common Than People Realize

Child abuse studies have reported some frightening statistics. 1 in 3 females and 1 in 6 males in Canada report experiencing some form of sexual abuse before age 17!

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Fear and Trauma Prevents Disclosure

Many children who have been abused do not tell their parents or family members until many years after the abuse occurred (if ever). Many children are traumatized to the point that they are not able to remember the abuse until much later in life. In some cases, even if the child informs his or her parents about the abuse, the child’s parents are unwilling or unable to take any steps to report the abuse.

Silence Protects the Abusers

Since most pedophiles are repeat offenders, failing to notify the authorities about sexual abuse allows sexual predators to continue to subject other children to sexual abuse.

Invisible Scars: Childhood abuse almost always results in long term psychological, emotional and physical damage and can cause long terms problems including difficulty in relationships, substance abuse and loss of education and income earning potential.

You Are Not Alone: Legally, we are not allowed to say we are the Best Sexual Abuse lawyer in Halifax, Nova Scotia. No one can. You will need to judge for yourself. But before you hire a lawyer for your abuse claim; take a few minutes to watch our educational videos, order your free copy of Breaking the Silence: The Survivor’s Guide to Abuse Claims or just give us a call to get some more information that may help you.

McKiggan Hebert has received significant recognition acting for victims of sexual abuse. We are sensitive to the unique needs and problems associated with childhood abuse.

We will help put you in touch with survivors of childhood abuse, victims groups and medical experts who devote their practice to dealing with victims of sexual abuse.

Map of Sexual Abuse Incidents by Priests and Clergy, 1962-Present:

Recognizing that survivors are not alone in their experience can be essential to their recovery, so we charted a history of abuse crimes by Priests & Clergy in Canada.  Please click on the map to learn more, zoom, and filter by year.  You’ll see that from 1962 to today, the incidents of sexual abuse by priests and clergy are both historically and geographically widespread in Canada.

What Are My Legal Options:

A victim of sexual assault who wants to pursue the matter through the justice system has two options: the criminal justice system and the civil justice. Criminal proceedings are intended to punish an accused that is found guilty of criminal misconduct. On the other hand, civil claims for compensation are designed to address the needs of the victim. The court attempts to compensate the victim for the harm caused by the intentional, abusive or negligent acts of the defendant.  Read all of your legal options here.

Educating Survivors About Their Legal Options

John McKiggan wrote Breaking the Silence: The Survivor’s Guide to Abuse Compensation Claims to answer many of the common questions survivors have about criminal charges, lawsuits and what the court can do to help survivors of childhood abuse.

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If you or your family have suffered as a result of childhood sexual abuse, you can call McKiggan Hebert toll free in Atlantic Canada at (877) 423-2050 or contact us online for a free copy of John McKiggan’s book, The Survivor’s Guide to Abuse Compensation Claims. For more information you can also take a look at John McKiggan’s Sexual Abuse Claims Blog.

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Click the Picture to get a copy of Breaking the Silence: The Survivor’s Guide to Sexual Abuse Claims

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