Rino Deschenes (Edmundston Diocese)

Defrocked priest Rino Deschênes is currently serving a seven and one half year prison sentence, after pleading guilty to charges including indecency and sodomy. Now, Deschênes faces two additional lawsuits for child sex abuse. In the new charges, Deschênes is accused of sexually molesting two boys, aged 9 and 13, on more than one occasion. The abuse occurred while Deschênes was a priest at Riviere-Verte Church.

Case History
Beginning in the 1960’s, Rino Deschênes was a priest in the northern New Brunswick town of Edmundston. Deschênes pleaded guilty to allegations from four youth that he sexually abused them while they were serving as altar boys in the 1960’s and is currently in prison. After the priest pleaded guilty to the historic abuse charges, Judge Brigitte Volpe of Edmunston Provincial Court sentenced Deschênes to prison.

Recently, two more individuals, Yvon and Marcel Thibodeau, came forward with allegations that Deschênes abused them repeatedly between the ages of 9 and 13. When he allegedly abused the Thibodeau boys, Deschênes was the priest at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Green River. The lawsuit claims Deschênes confessed in writing to the plaintiff’s parents. Two civil prosecution notices were filed against Rino Deschênes and the Edmunston Catholic Diocese in this matter.

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