Rev. Normand Dugas (Bathurst Diocese)

Normand Dugas Abuse Lawsuit
A lawsuit alleging sexual abuse was filed in the Fall of 2016 against Normand Dugas and two other priests in the Bathurst Diocese. Father Dugas is the only one of the three priests named in the lawsuit who is still alive.

The plaintiff alleges the three priests sexually abused him when he was a child, one after the other, starting when he was six years old and continuing until he was 14. During that time he attended two churches, St. Georges in Covedell and Saint Bernard in Neguac. The other priests named in the lawsuit are Ubald Theriault and Arthur Gallien.

The alleged abuse took place in the 1960s. The plaintiff is suing the Bathurst Diocese, claiming the diocese is negligent because it put the priests in positions of power and allowed the abuse to happen by failing to properly supervise the priests and by not taking action against them. Little is known today about Normand Dugas or what he has been doing in the last 35 years. It is not even known yet whether Dugas, who was ordained in 1960, is still a priest now.

Bathurst Diocese
The Diocese of Bathurst, where the alleged abuse took place, consists of 56 parishes in northeastern New Brunswick. It’s a French Catholic diocese, though 10 of its parishes are English speaking.

Fighting for the Victims of Sexual Abuse
It’s not easy for the victims of childhood sexual abuse to make their traumas public, and we applaud the bravery of this plaintiff for stepping forward and filing this lawsuit. We hope that justice at last will be served.

McKiggan Hebert Lawyers has a reputation as one of the leading advocates for victims who have been sexually abused by priests. We understand that childhood sexual abuse almost always causes long-lasting trauma — psychological scars that can create difficulties with substance abuse, relationships, or work. If you were abused, we want you to know that you are not alone.

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