Nova Scotia personal injury lawyer at McKiggan Hebert help clients who have been seriously injured in accidents throughout Nova Scotia.

The first question we are typically asked when we interview a client for the first time is: “How long will this take?”

The honest answer, at least in the early stages of a personal injury claim, is: “It depends.”

You should never settle a claim for personal injuries until:

  • You have fully recovered; or
  • You know the full extent of any future residual disability that you may have as a result of your injuries.

It takes time for your doctors to determine the full extent of your injuries, provide you with proper treatment and to determine if you have reached maximum medical recovery (in other words, have you recovered as much as you are ever going to recover).

So how long it takes to resolve your claim will depend on how long it takes to fully document the nature and extent of your injuries and future disability.

Generally speaking, you can expect the entire litigation process to take two to four years to complete.

Some claims are resolved faster, where the injuries and financial losses are insignificant (in which case you may not need a lawyer to help you) or where the injuries and their effects are clear from the start, but that does not happen in the majority of claims.

We do not represent people who are looking to “make a fast buck” from their injuries. We only accept clients whom we believe have a legitimate claim and who are prepared to commit to do what is necessary to help us help you get the most compensation that you are entitled to receive.

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