If you have recently filed a personal injury claim, you’re likely wondering how long you’ll need to wait to get it. There’s unfortunately no clear answer for this. The length of time in which you may be required to wait for your settlement will vary greatly depending on the details of your case.

Why Does Getting A Personal Injury Settlement Sometimes Take Awhile?

Getting a personal injury settlement can sometimes take a while for many reasons. One reason is that it can be complex to get the right amount. One of the many benefits of working with a personal injury lawyer is that your personal injury lawyer can negotiate the amount in your settlement. Many times, the court will award a plaintiff with a settlement that they believe will cover the cost of their damages related to the accident. This, however, is not always the case. As your lawyer, we can take the amount of money that you were offered and negotiate it in order to ensure that you get an adequate amount for your damages. It’s wise to have a lawyer by your side to help you work through this process, especially because it can take many months.

What Kind Of Compensation Can I Get From A Personal Injury Case?

At McKiggan Hebert Lawyers, our skilled lawyers can fight for your right to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and much more. Discuss the details of your case in a free consultation to learn more.

Medical bill compensation is designed to cover the cost of your medical care. This also includes the cost of any in-home health aides that are required for you to make a full recovery from home.

Lost wages can be factored into your settlement as well. If you had to spend time away from work in order to nurse your injuries from the car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident or another accident, you deserve to get back the money you don’t have in your paycheck. Our lawyers will fight for your right to lost wage compensation to make sure you don’t experience financial hardship following the accident.

In addition to your medical bills and lost wages, you deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering as well. Those who have been in such serious accidents that it has been difficult to recover emotionally, mentally, and physically, should be able to get compensation for their mental anguish. If you have experienced depression, anxiety, or post traumatic stress, after an accident, you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering.

There are still some more types of compensation someone can receive after an accident. If you lost a loved one to a wrongful death, you were able to contact the personal injury attorney in order to seek compensation for this as well.

How Does A Lawyer Determine The Estimated Value Of My Personal Injury Claim?

Since no two personal injury accidents occur in the same manner, and no two personal injury claims will result in the same outcome or settlement. In order to get an estimated value of a car accident claim, premises liability claim, truck accident claim or other accident claim, you will need to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer to give them the details of your accident. Among the many factors that will affect the value of your settlement, and the amount of money you can potentially receive in damages, are:

  • Severity of your injuries
  • Duration of your recovery time
  • Liability
  • How your injuries affected your ability to work
  • How your injuries were treated
  • Long-term effects of your injuries
  • How your injuries affected your daily life

If you were injured in a car accident, your insurance company will try to tell you how much your claim is really worth right away. Always get a second opinion from a lawyer- as insurance companies are notorious for trying to pay less than what their policy holders deserve. Turn to the independent, trusted lawyers in Halifax at McKiggan Hebert for help calculating the value of your injury claim.

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Getting into an accident can change your life forever. When you need help fast, it can be difficult to wait for a personal injury settlement. Turn to our lawyers to make sure you are defended and accompanied by a strong legal advocate throughout the entire process. When you are offered a settlement, you will need to have the help of a lawyer to make sure you are not being taken advantage of and that you get all the money you deserve.

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