The Provincial Offences Act dictates that a negligent driver who causes a hit and run car accident can be charged for their recklessness for up to six months after the car accident takes place. If you have been hit by a driver who fled the scene, rest assured that there are still ways that law enforcement officials can locate the driver. If the driver is located, you can contact a personal injury attorney and hold them accountable under the law.

What Is A Hit And Run Accident?

A hit and run accident is the term used to refer to when drivers cause accidents and flee the scene before they can take accountability for what they caused. Law enforcement officials are always focused on identifying the drivers who flee the scene of accidents they cause, and the penalties are severe if you commit this crime. If you ever are involved in a car accident, it’s crucial that you stop and get to safety, share contact information with the other driver, and contact local law enforcement to make sure a police report is filed and properly documented. If you fail to execute these important steps, you could be charged with a hit and run accident.

What Happens If You Leave The Scene Of An Accident?

The penalties for committing a hit and run accident can be serious. Law enforcement officials have dozens of ways of locating and charging drivers who leave the scene of the accident, and with modern technology, it’s not easy to go undetected. These negligent drivers can be traced via security camera footage from local storefronts, cameras attached to traffic lights, testimonials from any witnesses in the area who saw the person flee the scene, and many other sources that support these investigations. It’s easy for law enforcement officials to find details that provide the driver’s identity, and the driver will be penalized accordingly once they are finally identified.

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, drivers who leave the scene of the accident may be charged with not just provincial consequences, but penalties at the federal level as well. Being charged on both the provincial and federal level means your penalties are twice as serious.

Penalties for this charge can include a fine of up to $2,000 and no less than $400, a sentence in provincial or federal jail for as long as six months, and the possible suspension of your driver’s license for up to two years.

Additionally, if you fled the scene of an accident and a driver was left injured without the at-fault party to blame, you may be on the hook for damages associated with this accident.

Can You Still Recover Damages From A Hit And Run Driver?

In many instances, law enforcement officers are able to use the many benefits of modern technology to identify drivers who flee the scene of accidents. With the help of a qualified car accident lawyer, you may be able to pursue legal action against this person. When an accident causes you an injury and other catastrophic results like your car being totaled, pursuing legal action may be the best route to take.

Should I Contact A Lawyer If I’ve Been Involved In A Hit And Run Accident?

Our lawyers are passionate about helping the injured seek justice and secure the compensation they need and deserve. The only way to fully understand the potential value of your hit and run case is to contact a lawyer and schedule a free consultation.

In your free consultation, you will discuss the details of your hit and run car accident with your personal injury attorney. They will provide you with insight regarding the personal injury claims process and will give you an idea of how much your potential accident case could be worth.

Being in a car accident is an overwhelming, stressful experience. The injuries you sustain in an accident could affect you physically, emotionally, and financially. This is one of the many reasons why it’s important to contact an attorney if you have been involved in a hit and run accident.

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At McKiggan Hebert Lawyers, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation for anyone who has been involved in a hit and run accident, especially those who have suffered injuries as a result of the other driver’s negligence. The only way to know if you are able to receive compensation for what you have suffered is to contact a lawyer and talk about what you’ve experienced.