Getting into a car accident is a confusing and scary time for any driver. But, by following these five steps to remember when you get in a car accident, you can mitigate the risk of making a costly mistake before you file a car accident claim.

After getting into a car accident in Nova Scotia there are many steps you can take to prepare yourself for filing a motor vehicle accident claim. Follow the steps below and contact McKiggan Hebert lawyers to file a claim.

Tip #1: Get Contact Information From Every Passenger And Driver

Always be sure to exchange contact information with the other party. Be sure to write down their phone number, address, insurance company, insurance policy information, and any other pertinent contact information you may need in the future.

If more than one passenger were involved in a car accident, be sure to collect the contact information of everyone in every vehicle.

Tip #1: Get Eyewitness Testimonies Directly At The Scene Of The Car Accident

If there are any witnesses nearby, don’t forget to take down their testimony. Having an eyewitness testimony is crucial evidence to uphold in your future motor vehicle accidents claim case, so getting eyewitness testimonies directly at the scene of the crime is the best way to ensure you have an accurate statement.

Tip #2: Collect As Much Evidence As You Can At The Car Accident Scene

After getting into a car accident, there’s crucial evidence that has been created at the scene. Make sure that you collect as much of this precious evidence as you can as it will be integral to the strength of your personal injury claim. Some of the best evidence you can take are photos. Get as many photos of the damage done to your vehicle as possible, in addition to damage done to the other vehicle, street signs, inclement weather or hazards in the road, or anything else that could paint the picture of how the accident occurred. If there was any damage to personal belongings inside of your vehicle, take photos of that damage as well. You can never take too many photos at the scene of a car accident, just be sure to have the flash on in case the accident happened at night time and take photos of damage from multiple angles.

Tip #3: Never Feel Pressured To Admit Guilt After A Car Accident

It is especially important to remember that when you are talking to the other driver, never admit guilt or claim that the car accident was your fault. It may seem tempting while under pressure to apologize, admit fault for the accident, or take the blame for what happened in any way, but remember that this is not something you should definitely avoid doing. Never speak about the accident without your car accident attorney present, and never feel pressured to admit fault at the scene of the crime when exchanging contact information with the other party.

Tip #4: Get Medical Attention Right Away After A Car Accident

Getting the medical attention you need after a car accident is especially important for multiple reasons. First, medical records will serve as evidence in your pending personal injury lawsuit, so seeing a doctor right away and getting expedient thorough documentation of your physical state after a car accident will be crucial. Secondly, it’s important to tie the injuries you sustained directly back to the car accident. For example, if you get into a car accident in Nova Scotia and feel leg pain after the impact, you should go to the hospital right away to get a thorough examination of your body. Because, if you don’t get your leg pain examined, and in a week your leg is swollen and you discover a bone is broken, there will be no way to tie that injury back to the car accident that happened a week prior.

Call McKiggan Hebert Lawyers As Soon As Possible To File A Strong Car Accident Claim

If you have suffered an injury due to another driver‘s negligence on the road, you are entitled to seek compensation that covers the cost of your damages. At McKiggan Hebert lawyers, we stop at nothing to get you the compensation you deserve after any kind of car accident, from minor to severe.

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