Most of us have borrowed a friend’s car at some poAll Postsint, or lent our car out to someone. It’s a commonly occurring incident, especially among friends who live together or family members who help each other out. But what happens if you get into an accident while driving someone else’s car, or someone gets into an accident while driving yours? In most scenarios, if you are driving someone else’s vehicle, that person’s insurance will likely cover your actions while you are driving their car, even if you get into an accident. If someone else is driving a vehicle that belongs to you, their actions will be covered as well, as long as they meet certain criteria.

If you or a loved one are in this situation, contact a lawyer. Our attorneys will help you sort out the complexities of the case, and will advise you on what legal options you can take to financially recover from the accident.

Will Insurance Cover An Accident If Someone Else Is Driving My Car?

If a friend or family member is driving your vehicle and they get into a car accident, their actions will be covered under your insurance policy as long as they meet certain criteria. Both you and the driver who got into the accident must have a valid Canadian driver’s license. It’s important to note that there is an additional step to this process that is required for drivers who are not citizens of Canada. If the driver is not a citizen of Canada, the regulatory body of the person’s home country will weigh in.

Additionally, the person who was driving the car must have written or verbal consent to have been using your vehicle. Without this consent, or permission, the car will be considered stolen. Driving someone’s vehicle without their knowledge is a serious crime that comes with harsh penalties and consequences under Canadian law. It’s important to remember to never borrow someone’s car without their explicit consent, even if the car belongs to a close friend or family remember. If you are lending your car out to a friend or family member, consider recording permission either verbally or in writing.

Insurance will cover the damages to the vehicle if the person who borrowed the car did not commit any illegal offenses, and the person did not use the vehicle for any uses that are prohibited under the insurance policy. Prohibited uses can be anything from drag racing to delivery driving. Have the policyholder double check prohibited uses with their insurance company first. By checking proactively, you can mitigate the risk of getting into serious legal trouble should this person get into an accident.

Can I Be Added To Someone Else’s Insurance Policy?

You can certainly be added to someone else’s insurance policy if it becomes necessary. If you find yourself constantly borrowing someone else’s car, it may be a wise decision to add yourself to their insurance policy in case something happens while you’re out driving.

You don’t need to be added to a friend or family member’s insurance policy if you use their car less than 50% of the time. However, if you find yourself using their vehicle on a frequent basis, such as to and from work every week, or to frequent doctor’s appointments, you should consider being added to their insurance policy. Insurance policies allow policyholders to add what’s referred to as an “occasional driver,” but it’s smart to double check with your insurer first to avoid any potential conflicts down the road.

What Happens If The Vehicle Owner Doesn’t Have Insurance?

Anyone who has a car is legally required to have car insurance in all Atlanatic Canadian provinces. Sometimes, of course, people don’t follow the law, and fail to properly insure their vehicles. If you are ever considering borrowing someone’s car, ask if they have a car insurance policy before you get behind the wheel. If they’re unsure, make them check before you drive the car. Never drive an uninsured vehicle.

If you get into an accident and the vehicle is uninsured, you’ll face penalties for driving without proper coverage, in addition to being on the hook to pay for any compensatory damages you or the driver caused.

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As a car accident victim, you could be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. But if someone else was driving your car, or you were driving someone else’s car, the situation becomes very complicated very quickly.

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