John McKiggan retained to file class action against City of Saint John

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John McKiggan has been retained by a group of the survivors who allege they were sexually abused by former Saint John police officer Ken Estabrooks. The proposed class action against the City of Saint John and the Saint John Police Force alleges the City and the Police Force are liable for sexual abuse by Ken Estabrooks that continued over several decades. The claim will allege that Estabrooks was caught and confessed but the City and the Police Force covered up his sexual abuse and moved him to other duties with the City of Saint John.John McKiggan has been representing survivors of childhood sexual abuse for two decades. McKiggan says that this unfortunate story is simply more of the same:

“The institution may be different, but the story is the same. In my decades of representing survivors of childhood abuse, I have found almost invariably that employers or people in authority were aware the abusers were preying on vulnerable children. But rather than to report the offender to the authorities, employers and institutions would quietly move the abuser and allow the abuse to continue.

Estabrooks is dead so his victims cannot seek justice through the criminal courts. They hope that this class action will provide them with some measure of accountability and closure.”

Timeline of Abuse

1953 – 1999Ken Estabrooks joins the Saint John Police Force at the age of 25. He remains on the Force for 22 years, until 1975. He continued to be employed in the City’s Work’s department, repairing tires, until 1999.
1957 – 1960Estabrooks begins sexually abusing a six-year old boy. The abuse continued for several years. Estabrooks was convicted of molesting the boy in 1999.
1973 – 1978Estabrooks molests a thirteen-year old boy for approximately two (2) years. In 1999, Estabrooks was convicted of sexual assault pertaining to his abuse of this teenage boy.
1974 – 1982For almost ten year, Estabrooks sexually abuses a young boy, starting when the child was approximately ten years old. Estabrooks was convicted of assaulting the child in 1999.
1975Two boys complain to SJ police that Estabrooks had been sexually assaulting them. After an internal investigation, Estabrooks provides a written confession to the police. However, no criminal charges are laid and Saint John Police Chief Eric Ferguson transfers Estabrooks to a job at the Public Works Department of Saint John city.
1997Five children, now adults, file criminal complaints alleging Estabrooks sexually assaulted them as children.
1998New Brunswick Police Commission conducts investigation into allegations of a cover-up by Saint John Police. The Police Commission Report concludes that the 1975 police investigation was “unprofessional and allowed a serious sex offender to go unpunished”.
Since Estabrooks was convicted of sexual assaults committed after 1975 it is clear that the Police Department’s failure to act Estabrooks’s confession that he was a sexual abuser in 1975 resulted in further acts of sexual abuse against innocent children.
1998Estabrooks is criminally charged with five counts of indecent assault on five boys, now male adults, and one girl, now an adult female. The alleged abuse happened over almost three decades between 1957 and 1982.
1999Estabrooks convicted of four (4) charges of sexual assault and sentenced to six (6) years in prison.
Oct. 2005Estabrooks dies.
2012 – 2013More victims come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against Ken Estabrooks.
Aug. 2012City of Saint John hires an independent private investigator to investigate the nature and extent of Estabrooks’s crimes and allegations of cover-up by the Police.
2013Estabrooks survivors file a class action against the City of Saint John and the Saint John Police Department.

More Information

If you or a member of your family was a victim of sexual abuse by Ken Estabrooks, you can call McKiggan Hebert at 877-423-2050 or (877) 423-2050 (Toll Free in Atlantic Canada) to get more information today!


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