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CRA form: Revenue Canada

This form is used to request copies of your income tax records. It is used to help establish income loss in personal injury claims.

Employers Confirmation of Wage Loss

This form is to be filled out by your employer. It helps us prove that you have missed time from work and establish if you have suffered a loss of income.

Household Chores Checklist

This is a checklist of common household chores. It helps us determine if your injuries prevent you from being able to perform any of your normal household duties and allows us to calculate how much it will cost to hire someone to perform the chores for you.

IWK Grace Hospital Release of Information

This form is necessary in order to request medical records from either the IWK Children’s Hospital or the Grace Maternity Hospital.

MSI Release

This form allows us to request a print out from Nova Scotia’s provincial health insurer, of all the medical treatment you have recieved. It helps us to show how extensive your treatment has been. The information also helps us prove that you did not have any pre-existing injuries that may have an effect on your claim.

Nova Scotia Capital Health Release Form

This form is necessary in order to request medical records from any of the hospitals that form a part of Capital Health (Cobequid Community Health, Dartmouth General Hospital, East Coast Forensic Hospital, Eastern Shore Memorial, Hants Community Hospital, Musquodoboit Valley Hospital, Nova Scotia Hospital, Twin Oaks Memorial Hospital, QE II Health Sciences Center, Victoria General Hospital, Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Ceneter, Halifax Infirmary)

Personal Information Release Form

This form allows us to request “non-medical” information we may need to prove your claim. For example, if we need to request school records to show that a student has missed time in school after an accident.

Personal Injury Claim Interview Form

This form summarizes all the important information we like to collect when we are reviewing a personal injury, motor vehicle or medical malpractice claim.

Personal Medical Information Release

This form allows us to collect medical information we need to prove the nature and extent of your injuries from health care providers like your family doctor, your physiotherapist, your chiropractor etc.

Checklist of Effects: Abuse compensation claims

Many of our clients who have been victims of childhood abuse have difficulty talking about the effects of the abuse. This form lists many of the common effects of abuse and allows survivors to tell us about the effects they have suffered in non-threatening way that avoids re-traumatizing the survivor.

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