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Abuse Compensation Claims
Childhood abuse can have lasting effects including psychological, emotional and physical damage. The effects of childhood abuse can cause long terms problems including difficulty in personal relationships, substance abuse and loss of education and income earning potential.

John McKiggan has published a resource for survivors of childhood abuse: Breaking the Silence –The Survivors Guide to Abuse Compensation Claims. The book explains the difference between criminal prosecutions and civil compensation claims and what you need to prove in order to receive compensation if you have been a victim of childhood abuse.

What is the burden of proof in sexual abuse claims?

Sexual abuse compensation claims in Canada

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Abuse Claims:

Child Abuse Prevention Training Video:
In my practice I have represented hundreds of people who suffered childhood abuse.

This is a video to help train people who work with children to help them identify children who have been subjected to physical or sexual abuse and how to go about reporting the child abuse.

It is a sad fact that most cases of child abuse go unreported. I highly recommend this video for anyone who works or volunteers with children.

Sexual Abuse Claims

Childhood Sexual Abuse Claims:
This is a video encouraging survivors of sexual abuse to speak out about what happened to them. I have to say I found it to be sensitive, respectful and powerful.

I have been representing adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse for more than fifteen years. In most cases survivors of childhood abuse have suffered silently. In many cases I have found evidence that persons in authority were aware of the abuse and turned a blind eye. Child sexual abuse is a crime of secrecy, the only way to stop it is to expose it.

As a public service report outlining resources available for survivors of sexual abuse in Atlantic Canada. For a free copy you can contact us here.

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