Brain Injury Claims Videos

Brain Injury Claims
What is a minor traumatic brain injury? Find out why the definition is misleading. What steps do you need to take if you suspect you or a loved one has suffered a minor traumatic brain injury?

Traumatic Brain Injury

In this video John McKiggan explains how a traumatic brain injury can happen, even if the injured person hasn’t hit their head. Find out what a sponge floating in a bucket of water can teach you about brain injuries.


Other Helpful Videos

Brain Injury Claims
In this documentary, victims of traumatic brain injury talk about their lives and how they have managed to overcome the challenges they face as a result of their brain injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation:
This is an information video about traumatic brain injury rehabilitation. The video tries to give the viewers some idea of what it would be like to suffer a traumatic brain injury. The video also addresses the challenges faced in the treatment and rehabilitation of survivors of traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury in Children:
This is an excellent short video on how to identify a traumatic brain injury in children and when to seek medical attention.

In eighteen years of representing plaintiffs I have found that children who have suffered minor traumatic brain injuries tend to get frequently misdiagnosed. Proper attention to the signs and symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury can help prevent a lifetime of disability.

This is a video of the services provided at the Shepherd Centre for people with spinal cord injuries.

In Nova Scotia, all severe trauma cases are treated at the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre an arm of the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Center.

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