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McKiggan Hebert Lawyers has worked with clients in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and throughout Canada. Here is what our clients have to say about our team and our results. If you’re a client, we’d love to hear from you! Click here to leave your feedback .

“My wife and I have been so impressed by John and Mark in their relentless pursuit of a beneficial settlement for our injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision that was not of our making. They left no stone unturned, thus exposing where 100 percent of the blame lay. Their performance at Mediation was exemplary; they knew what they wanted and their skilled bargaining resulted in an excellent settlement. We have no hesitation in recommending McKiggan Hebert to anyone who has suffered damage at the hands of others.”

- Stuart Peters - car accident claim

"I was unfortunately in a car accident three years ago at no fault of my own. If it wasn't for McKiggan Herbert Personal Injury Law I don't know where I'd be today, likely still unable to work with zero compensation or sympathy from the Insurance Company. Instead, I was overwhelmed with their firm's commitment to fight for what I deserve as well as their kindness and understanding of all my frustrations along the way. It was a long journey to recovery and I couldn't have done it without them. I am beyond grateful for all of their help and the way that everything turned out. Look no further! They are the absolute best!"

- J. Tucker - Car accident claim

"Dear Mr. McKiggan. Thanks for sending me a copy of your book, Health Scare. I thought the book was excellent! It was a real eye-opener. It answered all my questions and then some. I absolutely would recommend it to any friends. Reading the guide will save time and resources and put things in perspective."

- A. Kennedy

“Thank you for sending me a copy of your book, Health Scare. The Guide was very informative. Once I started to read I didn’t want to stop, there was so much information. From reading your Guide, I feel that you are a very caring person toward others. Thank you.”

- L. Mader

"Dear John: I was a bit sad realizing your support (legal) was ending. You and your staff were like a mini family to me. Now in my heart, happiliy, I will always remember your consideration and kindness. Thank you!"

- Dorothy L - Abuse claim

"My family and I retained the services of John McKiggan following a traumatic accident involving a car. Throughout the process, John provided guidance and expertise surrounding personal injury and insurance law, while always showing compassion to me for my injury. He kept me up-to-date with the various aspects of what was going on (and gave a glimpse of the world of personal injury law and insurance claims, a vastly complex one).  I'm extremely glad to have had John on my side, and his newest team member, Mark, is an excellent addition."

- Martin Chandler - Car accident claim

"John & Mark have helped me through some extremely low times throughout the last 7 years..thank you both for being so sympathetic and understanding of my needs!"

- A. McGregor - Car accident claim

"Hi, John: Thank you so much for the irresistibly un-put-downable copy of your book Health Scare . Both format and content are particularly user-friendly. Kind regards,

Jacquelyn Johnston M.Ed. RCRT - Professional Health Coach and Speaker"

"I am very satisfied with the high level of service I have received. I would ask Mr McKiggan to represent me again if I ever needed his services and would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family. He and his office staff have always treated me and my family with dignity,  respect and patience through this very difficult time."

- A.K. - Abuse survivor

"Thanks again John......I don't know if I would have ever had the tenacity, the courage, or the strength to forge ahead the way I have....without you. Finding my way through this....was made a little easier I think, because I knew I wasn't alone. For the first time. YOU gave that to me..."

- R.B. abuse survivor

“John's accomplishments speak for themselves. In my opinion, he's the best lawyer for sexual abuse claims in Nova Scotia, and is among of the top medical malpractice lawyers in Atlantic Canada. I regularly refer people to him for these reasons.”

David Brannen - Cantini Law Group

"Your passion for providing justice and "peace of mind" is so enlightening and reassuring (for all Canadians). Thank you again, John!"

- C. Burgess

"John,  Your work on my behalf is appreciated  beyond words. Thank you so very much for standing up for so many voiceless people!"

- Robert B. Sexual abuse survivor

"John, I want to express my thanks for the work you have done on my behalf and most of all for understanding my portrayal of something that was very difficult to put across. I hold you in my highest regard."

- Michael M: Sexual abuse survivor

"The Consumer's Guide to Medical Malpractice Claims was very helpful to me as a non–lawyer, because you covered, in easy–to–understand language, the complex issues involved in a medical malpractice case. This guide would be helpful reading to someone who is considering seeking legal advice re medical malpractice."

- J. Riley

"John, thanks a lot but you deserve to be congratulated. Without you and Ron I would have a big zero dollars. We would have never thought of a lawsuit against the doctors and hospital. Therefore I have X  number of reasons to thank you. I would also like to thank your staff that worked behind the scenes. Thank them for me, you all did a great job!"

- Maurice D. Re: 3.8 million dollar medical malpractice claim.

"Hi John: You haven't given me any reason thus far to not completely trust your judgment on this which is a blessing because "trust" usually is not a word I use often in my vernacular. You don't know how much that means to me.  Thank you again for all your help."

- L.M. Sexual abuse survivor

"Dear Mr. McKiggan: I would like to express my thanks to you for all the work that you have done on behalf of abuse victims."

-J.M. Sexual abuse survivor

“John is a brilliant lawyer and master negotiator. John tells it likes it is and gets incredible results. You would be in good hands with John on your team. I always gladly refer personal injury claimants from the east coast to John.”

- Darcy Merkur , Partner , Thomson, Rogers Barristers and Solicitors

"Paul and I found you very professional and you made us feel like people. That is not an easy attribute to find in someone. John, you did a great job and I feel you took Paul's brain injury and his challenges into account when speaking with us which means a lot to us. You were very professional while taking into account we have feelings and you always kept us informed about how the claim was going."

- Pam R. Halifax Nova Scotia. Re: Serious personal injury claim.

In order to protect our client's confidentiality, unless specifically authorized, we have used our client's initials.

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