How Long Will it Take Me to Recover From My Brain Injury?

As a brain injury lawyer, I get asked this question a lot. Survivors want to know how long it will be before they are “back to their normal self”. The honest answer to the question, in most cases, is: “It depends.”

Because the brain is so complex, the effects of brain injury are different in each survivor.

Traumatic brain injury is not analogous to a broken bone, where the treatment is uniform and the recovery time and known complications are easy to predict.

The most important thing to understand is that every brain injury survivor is unique and each survivor will follow a different path to recovery. How long it takes to travel that path will be different for each brain injury survivor.

Time of recovery
Recovery from brain injuries occurs at its fastest in the first 6 months after the initial injury.

Generally, you will continue to improve steadily for the following 18 months.

Recovery usually plateaus around 2 years after the physical trauma that gave rise to the injury.

Stages of recovery
Most brain injury lawyers are familiar with the common stages that patients go through on their way to recovery.

Confusion and Agitation : This is the dazed and confused stage. Some people will just experience some confusion while others might be physically aggressive. It can last anywhere from minutes to months. Most patients recover from this stage.

Denial: This is the “I’m fine” stage. Patients convince themselves that there is nothing wrong and then suddenly they begin experiencing difficulties. It is hard for most of us to get used to the fact that our brain needs rest or treatment. If you have a loved one who is experiencing denial it is important to give them consistent feedback that they are not fine and still need help.

Anger and Depression : Naturally, when you realize you cannot do the things you used to do, or you realize that it takes significantly more concentration, you can become upset. Some anger or depression may be due to the physical changes in the brain, but it may also be an emotional response to the changes. It is important to be supportive of loved ones going through this stage.

Acceptance: After a while patients learn their limits. They learn they need more sleep at night, or naps during the day, or that they will get headaches from time to time.

Recovery: Some patients will fully recover and will continue their life as normal. Others will learn to manage their symptoms and to cope with their limitations.

Your doctor will assist you with your recovery from a head injury. Your brain injury lawyer will help you recover compensation to pay for your pain and suffering, your loss of income and the costs involved in paying for your treatment and rehabilitation.

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