Tip # 8: Keep a Record of Your Symptoms



Financial Compensation for the Non-Economic Impacts of Your Injuries

When you hire an attorney to help you pursue a personal injury claim, your claim may include damages for pain and suffering. These damages provide financial compensation for the non-economic impacts of your injuries. While money can never erase the psychological and emotional effects of your injuries, it is the best our legal system has to offer, and you deserve to recover every available penny for your losses.

Make it Easy to Keep a Record of the Effects of Your Injuries

To maximize your chances of recovering compensation for your pain and suffering, we recommend that you keep a daily or weekly record of your symptoms and progress. You should also take regular notes about how your injuries have affected you at home and at work.

You can do this by whatever means are easiest for you. For example, if you have a calendar in your kitchen, you can take notes there. If you keep a diary or journal, this can be a good place to write about your recovery progress and the effects of your injuries as well. Or, some of our clients even use apps on their phones.

If you keep detailed records, you will be able to use these in court years later (if necessary) to help you recall the pain, suffering, and day-to-day challenges you have endured as a result of your injuries.

Real-Life Examples of the Benefits

If you don’t keep a diary or journal and years down the road a defense lawyer asks, “What was the extent of your injuries?”, you may not be able to say much more than:

“Well, it’s been a long time. I just remember I was in a lot of pain.”

But, if you have records you can use to refresh your recollection, you may be able to say things like:

“On December 15, I missed my daughter’s first Christmas concert at her school. My back hurt so much, I was lying at home on the couch in pain. She was so disappointed.”

“On May 10, I tried to do some gardening in my backyard for a few minutes. My knees hurt so badly I had to stop. The next day I could barely walk.”

“On April 23, I had to close the door to my office and lie down on the floor because my back was spasming so bad.”

See the difference? These types of specific, relatable examples will be far more compelling to a judge or jury. In fact, these are examples of actual testimony from our past clients who have remembered to keep records of the effects of their injuries.

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