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  • Class-action lawsuit proceeds on government, military purge in Canada

    Class-action lawsuits against the federal government’s purge of gay employees are proceeding, with increasing calls for an apology and compensation for fired ousted public servants.


  • Military, DND face class-action lawsuit over alleged treatment of gays, lesbians

    A Halifax lawyer has launched a class-action lawsuit on behalf of homosexual members of the Canadian Forces and employees of the Department of National Defence who say they were targeted by the military because of their sexual orientation while serving in Atlantic Canada.


  • Lawsuit alleges military aggressively interrogated gay members from 1969 to 1995

    Alida Satalic’s lawsuit says she was interrogated by investigation units on the pretext of security screenings, and was asked about her sexual relationships in detail.


  • Alleged Victims of Kenneth Estabrooks Seek Lawsuit Against Saint John, Police Force

    A hearing that will decide whether a class-action lawsuit will be filed against the City of Saint John and its police force was before the court on Monday.


  • Spring Garden speed limit reduction petition launched by Halifax lawyer

    An injury lawyer in Halifax has launched an online petition arguing for the speed limit on Spring Garden Road to be reduced from 50 km/h to 30 km/h.


  • Halifax lawyer launches petition to slow traffic on Spring Garden Road

    A Halifax lawyer has started an online petition to have the speed zone on Spring Garden Road dropped to 30 kilometres per hour, down from 50.


  • Local lawyer starts petition to lower speed limit on Spring Garden Road

    A Halifax lawyer has started a petition to try and lower the speed limit on Spring Garden Road in an effort to curb a number of vehicle-pedestrian collisions that frequently happen in the area.


  • Slowing down on Spring Garden: Petition started to reduce speed to 30 km/h

    A personal injury lawyer in Halifax has started an online petition asking the municipality to lower the speed limit on Spring Garden Road from 50 to 30 km/h.


  • EXPLAINER: In fatal crashes, careless isn’t criminal—lawyer

    Three people died in a motor vehicle collision last December. Five months later, the driver was charged with a relatively minor motor vehicle offence.


  • Judge refuses to release names in Estabrooks lawsuit against Saint John

    A judge has rejected a request by the City of Saint John that would have forced a Halifax law firm to turn over the names of potential participants in a class action lawsuit over abuse by former police officer Kenneth Estabrooks.


  • Kenneth Estabrooks case costs Saint John $446K in investigation bills

    The City of Saint John has paid $446,000 to a private investigation firm working on the Kenneth Estabrooks case and taxpayers could be exposed to millions more in compensation settlements.


  • Kenneth Estabrooks alleged victims' lawyer fights city's attempt to get names

    The lawyer for the plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit is fighting an attempt by the City of Saint John to get a list of names of people alleging abuse by former police officer Kenneth Estabrooks.


  • Five years of solitude - The use of segregation in NS prisons numbers in the thousands.

    Convicts don’t get much sympathy. They broke the law, and that’s enough for some people to write them off completely.


  • Extreme Weather Conditions Help Cause Your Accident? Well You Can't Blame It

    Video Gallery - The Weather Network

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  • The Register/Advertiser recognizes McKiggan Hebert Lawyers’s scholarship to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving.

    You see it all the time. Driving through New Minas or Wolfville when the traffic is heavy, drivers often have cell phones attached to their ears. Even worse, they could be texting, but that’s not so visible.


  • Halifax medical malpractice lawyer, John McKiggan explains 6 reasons why medical malpractice claims are so difficult in Canada

    Winning a medical malpractice case against a doctor at trial is a long shot. Of 911 court cases filed on average annually, patients win 20, doctors win 74, settlements are made in 342 and the remainder are dismissed, discontinued or abandoned, according to numbers provided by the Canadian Medical Protective Association.


  • Ontario doctor rebuked for denying role of ‘gross medication error’ in patient’s death

    Regulators have rebuked an Ontario doctor for misleading family members about the role of a “gross medication error” in their loved one’s death, a rare case of a physician being censured for secrecy around a health-care mistake.


  • John McKiggan interviewed by CBC on the causes of increasing medical malpractice premiums in Nova Scotia.

    John McKiggan is a partner at McKiggan Hebert Lawyers who has been representing victims of medical malpractice for almost two decades.

  • Inside Canada’s secret world of medical error: ‘There is a lot of lying, there’s a lot of cover-up’

    As Helen Church woke up one morning just before Christmas 2012, the pain that had been building for weeks behind her right eye reached an excruciating climax.


  • Distracted driving decision ‘an excellent, common sense ruling’

    Even if you’re not talking or sending a text, just looking at your phone while driving is a crime. That’s the take-away from a Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruling released yesterday.

  • John McKiggan interviewed about problems with medical malpractice litigation in Canada

    Starting next year, doctors’ malpractice insurance in most parts of the country will cost a lot more – more than doubling in many places. Fortunately for physicians, however, that will affect provincial health budgets more than their own practices.


  • Brian Hebert comments on NS Medical Errors Registry

    For the first time ever, the Nova Scotia government has released information about patient incidents but one Wolfville mother said she hopes it is more about making imp

  • Babies, cars and high temperatures: A deadly mix

    With high temperatures about to return to the city, the Erin Mills resident is ramping up a one-man campaign to warn people that the practice often has tragic consequences. Last year, a Milton toddler died when he was left in a hot car on a 30 C day.


  • UPDATE: Legal action in decades-old sex abuse scandal

    Survivors of one of the worst child sexual abusers in Canadian history filed a class action lawsuit Wednesday against the city of Saint John, New Brunswick.


  • Lawyer calls for public inquiry into suspected Saint John child molester

    Saint John investigators announced this morning that the number of suspected victims Kenneth Estabrooks sexually abused has climbed to 263 and they expect that number to increase. Jennifer Tryon reports.


  • John McKiggan interviewed about planned class action by Estabrooks Sexual Abuse Survivors

  • Estabrooks Abuse Survivors Retain John McKiggan to file Class Action against Saint John

    A Halifax lawyer is in the process of drafting a class action lawsuit against the city of Saint John on behalf of a number of alleged victims of Ken Estabrooks.

  • Court rules people sending texts may be responsible to car accidents: John McKiggan explains

    I think it's something that the public has to be made aware of so that people realize that texting and driving is just as dangerous as drinking and driving.


  • Nova Scotia to independently review treatment of cyberbullying cases by police, courts

    The man in charge of investigating how police and prosecutors handled the case of bullied Nova Scotia teen Rehtaeh Parsons will determine if more can be done to help the justice system cope with troubling issues stemming from social media.


  • New date set for men facing child pornography charges in Parsons’ case

    Two Halifax men facing child pornography charges after the death of Rehtaeh Parsons appeared briefly in youth court Thursday when the case was put over until Sept. 19 while the defence seeks additional disclosure of evidence.


  • Abuse survivor advocate John McKiggan interviewed about Fenwick MacIntosh acquittal

    There are calls for an independent review into the Fenwick MacIntosh sex abuse case, a day after the Nova Scotia Justice Department released reports on how the Public Prosecution Service and RCMP handled the matter.


  • Don’t Forget Kids in Hot Cars

    With more hot weather on the way, safety advocates hope two recent tragedies won’t be repeated.

  • Halifax police warn about leaving kids, pets in cars on hot days

    “On a day like today the temperature inside your vehicle becomes extremely hot, extremely fast,” said Const. Pierre Bourdages of the Halifax Regional Police. “It’s dangerous, it’s careless and just don’t leave any animals or children in your vehicle.”


  • Mental "auto pilot" causes many hot car deaths

    Kids and Cars Canada founder and Halifax injury lawyer John McKiggan says 54-percent of heat stroke deaths of children in cars result from someone forgetting.

  • Kids and Cars spokesperson John McKiggan warns about the dangers of leaving children in cars.

    Annie Landreville remembers chancing upon a baby who was minutes away from dying in the back of a stifling hot car.

  • Funeral for Ontario toddler who died in hot car

    Many shed tears, others held one another, while some just looked shell-shocked as they gathered Wednesday to mourn an Ontario toddler who died last week after being left alone in a sweltering car.

  • John McKiggan talks about the dangers of leaving children in hot cars...

    As we struggle to understand what led to the death of a little girl found in a hot car, a Canadian organization that tracks and tries to prevent similar tragedies is offering an explanation.

  • John McKiggan warns of dangers to children in hot cars

    As police revealed more details about the death of a two-year-old boy outside Toronto, news of another incident on Thursday involving an unattended toddler inside a vehicle further exacerbated concerns over the steady flow of “hot car deaths” in North America.


  • After the Error recounts positive changes in the wake of medical mistakes

    Working as a B.C. coroner for 10 years, from 1993 to 2003, Susan McIver became well-acquainted with death. Over the phone from her home in Summerland, McIver emphasizes to the Straight that coroners don’t find fault...


  • Patients’ odds of winning medical malpractice suits in Canada aren’t good, says new book

    The chances of a patient winning a medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor in Canada are slim, according to a new book entitled After the Error: Speaking Out About Patient Safety to Save Lives...


  • A Primer on Class Actions

    John McKiggan interviewed on Information Morning explaining the challenges of class actions.

    Lawyer John McKiggan tells us how the system works for people who are part of a class action suit.


  • Sudden Impact

    John McKiggan's article in Lawyers Weekly about liability for sports concussions.

    Nothing went well for the Detroit Tigers in the World Series, but it could have been worse. I’m talking about Game 2, when Tigers pitcher Doug Fister took a line drive to the head from Gregor Blanco.

  • Survivor haunted by memories of residential school

    On Saturday, he and 17 other survivors of Canada’s residential schools will lead a community procession in Waycobah to unveil a special monument and exhibit dedicated to survivors. The event is scheduled to begin at 2:30 p.m.


  • Church had duty to flag allegations: lawyers

    MONCTON, N.B. – A Roman Catholic diocese in New Brunswick should have notified police immediately when it heard last year that two priests were alleged to have sexually abused children, say two lawyers who have represented victims of abuse by clergymen...


  • Class Action Eyed in KHI Case

    Former Knowledge House Inc. shareholders have hired a Halifax law firm to investigate a potential class action aimed at recouping the money they lost when the e-learning company collapsed in 2001.


  • Sex Abuse Settlement Wraps Up

    The Diocese of Antigonish will try to close a dark chapter in its history this week as it wraps up a sex abuse settlement with 125 people, but the lawyer representing them says they continue to heal their emotional wounds.


  • Class action eyed in Knowledge House case

    John Mckiggan interviewed about plans to file a class action on behalf of former Knowledge House shareholders


  • Lawyer on Mission to Stop Car-Related Child Deaths

    Halifax injury lawyer John McKiggan has started a Canadian branch of the US organization KidsAndCars. The group has been shedding light on so-called "backover accidents".


  • No regulations in Canada to protect children from vehicles in reverse

    Global news interviews injury lawyer John McKiggan, Chair of Kids and Cars Canada about the dangers of 'back-over" injuries to children.


  • More data needed for backover collisions involving kids: safety organization

    Kids and Cars Canada Chair, John McKiggan calls for better information collection to help prevent injuries to children.


  • 'Backover' accidents a hidden problem - Kids and Cars Canada comments

    The scene held no forewarning of automotive tragedy: nearing noon, clear day, balmy temperatures, empty parking lot...


  • John McKiggan's interview on CBC's Information Morning regarding what effect Msg. Lynn's conviction for Child Endangerment will have in Canada

    U.S. court decision holds church official accountable for covering up abuse

    John McKiggan is a partner at McKiggan Hebert Lawyers who has been representing survivors of childhood abuse for almost two decades.

    Link to Audio Clip

  • Police Probe Woman's Claims of Fraud, Robbery

    Police are investigating a bizarre complaint from an Ontario woman who claims she was robbed and defrauded of $23,000 in cash when she came to Halifax in June to help bail her boyfriend out of jail on fraud charges.

  • Four Navy Members Accused of Impersonating Police

    Four members of the Royal Canadian Navy talk outside Dartmouth provincial court Wednesday after their arraignment on a charge of impersonating police. From left are Scott Broderick, Bronson Mahnke, Nicholas Brownhill and John Proctor.


  • Crown Drops 92 Counts of Credit Card Fraud

    An Ontario man has been fined $4,500 for using fraudulent credit cards in the Halifax area last spring.


  • Sports and Scouts at Risk of Liability

    John McKiggan’s article in Lawyers Weekly Magazine regarding liability of Sports organizations and the Boys Scouts for sexual abuse by volunteers


  • New Brunswick village divided over vote to remove late priest’s name from arena

    Halifax-area lawyer John McKiggan, who has worked with other victims of Catholic sexual abuse, said he’s received calls about Léger in the past, but he’d never been retained by any victims.


  • Crown agrees to sailor's release on robbery charges

    A member of the Royal Canadian Navy accused of committing two armed robberies in Halifax last month will be released from custody once he posts $5,000 cash bail.


  • John McKiggan remembers Nora Bernard at Truth and Reconciliation Hearings

    Video from the Truth and Reconciliation Hearings memorial tribute to Nora Bernard.

  • John McKiggan Nominated for National Award for Exemplary Journalism

    WINNIPEG – Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada announces the 2011 nominees for exemplary journalism covering issues related to the sexual exploitation of children.


  • The Catholic Church and sexual abuse

    John McKiggans article published in Lawyers Weekly magazine.


  • John McKiggan Interviewed by 570 News About the Dangers of Children Being Left in Cars

    (Part 1)

    (Part 2)

  • John McKiggan's Interview with Scott Kitching

    98.1 Free FM | Blackburn Radio (London)

  • Halifax Lawyer Calls for "Catastrophic" Auto Insurance

    McKiggan says medical benefits too low for severely injured


  • Boy Pinned Between Cars Awarded $1.4M

    A Nova Scotia boy who was left permanently disabled after being involved in a car accident has been awarded more than $1.4 million by the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.


  • John McKiggan interviewed about criminal records checks for volunteers.

    CBC radio interviews John McKiggan: Topics discussed include vicarious liability of organizations for sexual abuse by volunteers and conducting criminal records checks to screen volunteers for past sexual offences.

  • CBC Radio's interview with Robert Bowden about the Antigonish Diocese Class Action

  • Abuse Apology Changed Life of Cape Breton Man

    CBC's Tom Murphy interviews Robert, one of the class members in the Antigonish Diocese class action. Robert describes the importance of the class action to him.

    Link to Television Interview

  • John McKiggan's interview with Todd Battis

  • Former Bishop Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Charge

    CTV news coverage of charges against Raymond Lahey includes video of John McKiggan's interview with Todd Battis.

  • Settlement Cheques Coming

    Chronicle Herald reports on payments about to be made under Antigonish Diocese class action settlement.


  • Lawsuit Filed Against Diocese of Yarmouth Alleging Sexual Abuse by Priest

    Another lawsuit has been filed against the Roman Catholic Diocese in Yarmouth involving allegations of sexual abuse involving a former priest, but it’s not the same priest named in lawsuits that were filed a year ago.


  • Woman Alleges Decade of Abuse by N.S. Priest

    Globe and Mail Jan. 5, 2010 Coverage of Linda Deschamps claim against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Antigonish


  • Settlement reached in lawsuit against N.S. diocese over alleged sex abuse

    Alison Auld Canadian Press August 7, 2009 reports on Ron Martin's class action against the Diocese of Antigonish.

  • Lawyer offers help to sexual abuse victims

    Telegraph Journal article about sexual abuse charges against former priest Levi Noel.

  • N.S. Judge Rules Driver, Owners of Vehicle Liable in Mishap that Crushed Boy

    A judge of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court has struck out defences filed by the driver and owners of a vehicle that severely brain injured a boy in a car accident eight years ago.


  • Death of woman who filed landmark lawsuit is called suspicious

    Police are investigating what they described as "the suspicious death" of an aboriginal woman who successfully filed a landmark lawsuit against the federal government on behalf of residential school survivors.


  • Police investigate death at Bernard's home

    In the 12 years it took for Nora Bernard to win the largest class-action suit in Canadian history, she lived on an old-age pension. But the Halifax lawyer who helped her fight for fellow survivors of the residential school system said she always accepted their collect calls.


  • Police probe native activist's death

    Police are investigating what they're calling the suspicious death of aboriginal rights activist Nora Bernard, whose body was found in her Truro home early Thursday morning.


  • Davey Paul deserved better

    Eleanor Roosevelt said that you have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best you have to give.


  • Moncton family receives $2.9M injury settlement

    A New Brunswick family has received a multimillion-dollar settlement after their son suffered brain damage during dental surgery five years ago.


  • Solitary Taking Toll on Melvin

    Jimmy Melvin Jr. says all the time he’s spent in solitary confinement in jail is taking a mental toll on him.


  • Drug Case Evidence Tossed

    It seemed a stroke of luck for Halifax Regional Police that a pair of officers responding to a car accident last year found a large quantity of drugs and a loaded handgun stashed in one of the damaged vehicles.


  • Unwritten Code of Silence most Unfortunate, Judge Says

    It's called the code. Before Norman Lawrence's first-degree murder trial, its likely most Nova Scotians had never heard of it.


  • Case Against Shackled Woman Fills Binder

    The case against a Halifax woman charged in a jailhouse incident that resulted in her being shackled naked to a bed fills a five-centimeter thick binder.


  • Melvin Goes from Solitary to the Street

    James Bernard Melvin is looking forward to a stiff drink and some family time after spending two gruelling years in prison awaiting trial on a slew of charges that were dismissed Friday because two Crown witnesses changed their stories.


  • Docs Pan Discipline Process

    Two Halifax doctors facing internal complaints about their conduct have been in professional limbo since the allegations were made more than two years ago.


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