2017 Distracted Driving Scholarship Winner: Peter Ordinelli


McKiggan Hebert is proud to announce that the winner of our 2017 Distracted Driving Scholarship is Peter Ordinelli. Peter’s from Halifax and graduated with high honours from JL Ilsley HS last year where he received the Judge Award for Leadership and was named offensive lineman of the year. He will be attending Mount Allison University this year where he will be studying political science and playing for the Mounties football team.

In his essay, Peter described how he became aware of the dangers of distracted driving:

As a member of the Nova Scotia Chapter-A of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association, I became increasingly aware of the staggering statistics behind distracted driving and actively participated in many campaigns geared at reducing these numbers, such as the annual Motorist Awareness traffic stops with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Being part of the motorcycling community in Halifax also allowed me to meet many interesting people of different ages and make meaningful friendships. One such friendship in particular ended abruptly on June 15th, 2014 when a close family friend died as a result of a tragic collision with a car.

Peter also described how he has adjusted his behaviour to try to reduce the risks of distracted driving:

I felt that the best thing I could do, was to enhance my own riding and driving skills to be become better equipped to anticipate and avoid dangers of the road, including distracted drivers. I have taken all available road safety courses including an Advanced Riders course. I do not operate a vehicle when I feel tired and make sure to get enough sleep before a long trip. I take a break every two hours or when needed when I travel and I eat and drink during these breaks. I avoid riding alone and do so during daylight hours. When riding with a friend, we plan our route before we get on the road and I put my cellular phone in the trunk, away from reach. I will also not ride with any passengers until I am a much more experienced, which helps limit additional distractions. I do not listen to music via ear phones as silence allows me to hear any external noise such as a siren and helps me focus to effectively make quick decisions about safest actions when faced with a challenging situation.

All of us at McKiggan Hebert wish Peter all the best with his university career!

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